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JPM Chase Quietly Halts Suits Over Consumer Debts

Published on January 22, 2012 By admin

The following is brought to you by Jeff Horwitz at AmericanBanker.Com JPMorgan Chase & Co. has quietly ceased filing lawsuits to collect consumer debts around the nation, dismissing in-house attorneys and virtually shutting down a collections machine that as recently as nine months ago was racking up hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly judgments. […]

A Whistle Blower Triumph – JPMorgan Drops Pursuit of Millions (Billions?) In Credit Card Debt

Published on June 25, 2011 By admin

The following article is brought to you by Stephanie Eidelman of Forbes Magazine. In November 2010 one of our contributors to insideARM.com (ARM stands for accounts receivable management), Jerry Ashton, wrote a piece titled Follow Directions or be Fired! A Debt Professional’s Dilemma, in which he described how a so-called whistle-blower had been fired by […]