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‘Foreclosure Review’ Link Surfaces from BofA-Countrywide Trial

Published on November 4, 2013 By admin

The following article is brought to you by ECreditDaily.Com The Independent Foreclosure Review has sent $2.8 billion in compensation checks to more than 4 million borrowers to remedy foreclosure or mortgage-modification abuses, but along this settlement’s long and winding road there have been many bumps and potholes.(CHASEHOMEFINANCESUX RESPONSE: Yeah, The Big Banks Paid ‘Independent’ Consultants […]

Key Executive Said to Be Leaving JPMorgan Chase

Published on April 28, 2013 By admin

The following article is brought to you by Jessica Silver-Greenberg at NYTimes.Com. A senior executive in the inner circle of JPMorgan Chase’s chief executive, Jamie Dimon, is leaving the nation’s largest bank, the latest chapter in management turnover after the bank’s multibillion-dollar trading loss. (CHASEHOMEFIANCESUX RESPONSE: Hip! Hip! Hooray! Please Tell Me You’re Next Jamie!? […]

Bank Officials Cited in Churn of Foreclosures

Published on March 21, 2012 By admin

The following article is brought to you by Nelson D. Schwartz at NYTimes.Com. Managers at major banks ignored widespread errors in theforeclosure process, in some cases instructing employees to adopt make-believe titles and speed documents through the system despite internal objections, according to a wide-ranging review by federal investigators. The banks have largely focused the […]

Handcuffs and Prison Sentences for Bankers Next Time

Published on January 10, 2012 By admin

The following is brought to you by Dennis M. Kelleher at HuffingtonPost.Com Why are there no banking statesmen is a question I’ve asked before, and it is the unstated question underlying a recent Financial Times editorial: “Restoring Faith in the Banking System.” While the editorial focuses on the “culture within banking institutions,” the real problem […]

Update: My Families Continued Loan Dilemma w/ JPMorgan Chase, and the Phasing Out of Chase Home Finance is True.

Published on May 14, 2011 By admin

My foreclosure hearing was postponed by Chase Bank from April 21 to May 24th, also Chase’s lawyers have negotiated with me and my lawyer over a possible modification agreement. If the modification proceeds, my family will be making our first payment June 1st. Once I receive the paperwork, the modification is in place, and my […]