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The following letter was posted by Teresa Whitaker & Boyd Shields on Measured Up .

Chase Home Finance LLC Complaint


5 October 2010 / 20 October 2010

To Whom and All It May Concern:

We have been going through a Loan Modification with Chase Home Finance and Scott Law Firm since March 2010, or so we though and then we find out that on August 2, 2010 they sold our home and property at auction without us knowing it and only gave us ten (10) days to vacate. They said we haven’t been making our payments on time but I have ALL documentation to support that. We have had to find other means to live since we thought we had (10) days to vacate. I have since hired an attorney, Allison Moon. Despite the fact that it was a wrongful foreclosure, misrepresentation, fraud, miscommunication, non professionalism, incompetence, we were not served with the proper court documents.

For all these reasons, we feel that we are not going to re-enter the loss mitigation negotiations with Chase Home Finance and/or Scott Law Firm. We do not trust them. And who is to say they won’t do the same thing to us again later on down the road. Because of all this we have suffered monetary damages, including but not limited to, the following: loss wages, moving expenses and finding a new place to live, attorney fees and costs, any fees and/or cost pertaining to legal and non-legal administrative fees, and remove any damage to our credit because of their mistakes.

I’m starting to think that Ms. Moon has not got our best interest in mind. Please help. We’ve been thrown out in the cold. Thank you in advance for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Something needs to be done before it’s done to some other families.

God Bless,

Teresa Whitaker & Boyd Shields

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