My Continued Loan Dilemma, Who’s JMA Services?

On October 18, I found a letter attached to my door in an envelope, “CONFIDENTIAL”. The letter was from a company called JMA Services (JM Adjustment Services) that states that their company is trying to contact me on behalf of Chase Home Finance. I love how these letters state that their representative tried to make contact, when in fact it is always a Bank Minion that just runs up on my porch, tapes a letter, and runs off, so sad. I’m home almost every evening, if anybody wants to talk to me I’ll be right here. I’ve asked Chase Home Finance for over 3-years to give me a representative “in person”, to discuss my loan. But, these criminals know their in the wrong, and I’m sure that this will never happen.

In the letter this JMA Services asks me to contact them to arrange a time for there agent to pick up my completed loan modification packet (What Chase Offered My Family). But if I had any questions I could contact Chase Home Finance directly. This is about the tenth letter over the last year that has been attached to my door by Chase, HOPE and now this group, in this manner.

Chase Home Finance seems to be grasping at straws almost telling my family in the last 2-letters, “You’re going to sign this modification!” I don’t believe Chase can even prove who owns my loan now, like thousands of other families across this Country.

In addition to the letter on my door I received a call from Chase on my cell phone, that I did not answer, and then immediately I received another call at my work number. It was an agent of Chase, a Burger King Kid, asking to discuss my loan. I explained that I have had representation for over 11-months and that Chase continually refuses to obey the law and contact my lawyer. She asked what the contact number was for my lawyer. I asked her if Chase just throws away everything that they receive? She didn’t answer and said I’ve got a number here for a (says my law firm’s name), is that it? I said, so you do have the number. I’ll be documenting this phone call that I received on my work number, and the earlier call when you called my cell phone, as continued harassment. And then I told the agent that Chase needs to start obeying the law and call my lawyer.

I looked up this company JMA Services on the web and they are a professional door knock service, that works for outside companies all across the country. I found it very interesting that this company claims to represent several large companies and when you look at their client list it says, major credit card, major mortgage, credit union, etc., but no specific companies that they have worked for. At the bottom of the client list there is a client testimonial link. I thought, surely this link will have a company name with the testimonials. But no, there are only two testimonials that say they are from – a collections recovery manager of a Top 10 Bank and a retail collections manager of a Top 40 Bank. The only time you get to see any real company names is when you click on the company profile link there is a link – Meet the JMA Corporate Officers. At this link you will find a Mr. Steve Champney, the COO who has worked in default servicing operations for Chase, WAMU, Advanta & Bank One for over 25 years.

So now I understand. This company is another one of the Big Bank’s Buddies who they are wasting all our money with, instead of doing what is right. IS ANYTHING GOING TO BE DONE TO PREVENT THIS CONSTANT ABUSE AND WASTE OF INVESTORS’, TAX PAYERS’ & HOME OWNERS’ MONEY?


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