Chase Bank’s Criminal Actions Against Homeowners Continues

After years of abuse by the Big Banks, you would think that the government would work to deter this continued abuse and destruction of the American Family & America in general. But they don’t! If this abuse continues with nothing being done to these criminal Big Banks, this Country is doomed!

Here is the most recent post that I received today, by another abused family, showing the continued abuse by the Big Banks. Even after several years, nothing has changed!

Tawnya Erickson writes:

I have been trying to get a modification on my mortgage since 2012, and Chase just gives me ridiculous reasons and excuses saying I failed to submit paperwork, etc. they should be held responsible for their actions or lack there of. I could never speak to anyone with any decision making authority. I was turned down 3 times. I finally tried to do the right thing and Short Sale and the twisted game they like to play of we don’t have your paper work started all over again. My realtor even got stressed trying to deal with them. One buyer got tired of all the waiting game and lost interest and they just turned down another one because they wanted more money. My condo will go to Auction July 31st 2013…I live in Louisiana!

I, like millions of families that have been abused by the Big Banks with regards to their home loans, are disgusted by this Country and its government’s inability to do anything to the Big Banks! America is no longer a government that checks and balances the big banking institutions, they just write checks increasing the imbalance!

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