Elizabeth Warren & Ben Bernanke Q & A – July 18, 2013

I’m sorry I’ve been very busy and haven’t posted anything in a while. I have a lot of things that I will post soon, but I thought this was the most important thing that I needed to post. The most important part of this video starts at about the 4th minute of the video. This is where Elizabeth Warren is discussing with Ben Bernanke the ‘Independent’ Foreclosure Review, and how the OCC and FEDs have done nothing to get the information that was compiled during the IFR about family abuse, to any of the over 4.2 million abused families!, gotta love Elizabeth Warren!

Ben Bernanke said that they were working on a way to get the information that was compiled from some of the families files, out to the families. (100,000 actual files where consultants were paid an average of $20,000 to look at each file, and the majority of each family received $300!? What a pathetic Country we have become!)

After Elizabeth Warren, at the end of the interview, thanks Ben Bernanke for working to get the information that was compiled out to the public. Ben Bernanke in a snarky tone states, “I would like to add, that of course, the people who have received checks, have not yielded their legal rights and they could pursue this further.” (Like all these families have the means and ways to get an attorney to fight a big bank, what a joke!) Elizabeth Warren excellently replies without missing a beat, “And, I hope by revealing this information (info compiled about families being abused by Big Banks), that they will be better able to evaluate if that is appropriate for them, Thank you!”

It’s what you get Ben for trying to get the last word in against Elizabeth Warren!

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