Dimon: Be Afraid

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Global markets will face increased volatility as central banks bring interest rates back to normal levels, JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon said.

“We should all hope for a normalization of interest rates — that’s a good thing,” Dimon said yesterday during a panel discussion at the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu, China. “As we go back to normal, it’s going to be scary, and it’s going to be kind of volatile.”

Investors have been encouraged to buy riskier assets as global central banks unleashed unprecedented monetary stimulus after the financial crisis of 2008.

Concern that the policies would be reviewed grew last month after comments from Federal Reserve head Ben Bernanke.

Price swings across assets and around the world are holding below historical averages.

(CHASEHOMEFINANCESUX RESPONSE: Jamie Dimon, you and your bank, JPMorgan Chase have robbed and stolen from FAMILIES; either by taking their homes or their money. This was achieved through predatory loans, bogus modifications, bogus “Independent Reviews”, just to mention a few.

JPMorgan Chase was given money by the Feds that was suppose to be used to help families keep their homes, but instead it was used to continue the abuse of families, and was used to make risky investments, screwing their INVESTOR, and all of that money came from the TAXPAYERS! So you have taken from ALL AMERICANS and you still have your job and you are not in jail? And now, your looking for what you call, NORMAL LEVELS OF INTEREST RATES (RISE IN INTEREST RATES), AFTER ADDING 10% TO 50% IN PRINCIPAL TO FAMILIES HOME LOANS (THOSE THAT WERE ABLE TO SAVE THEIR HOMES), USING THE ABUSIVE TACTICS MENTIONED ABOVE!?

Jamie Dimon, you and your bank, JPMorgan Chase have shown that the AMERICAN PEOPLE have no say in what should happen with corrupt BIG BANKS and their CEOs, through ordinary means, since you retained both of your positions with the bank, showing that the INVESTOR has no say. So now, WE THE PEOPLE have no other option but to rise-up on our own to fight these tyrannical banks and their people.

This rise will happen in many ways. This is how I plan to rise up against JPMorgan Chase Bank. I have been working on a little bagel, donut and coffee shop in my town, that I have been trying to do for a long time. It will be completed soon. I’ve worked hard and have promoted it, taking product to my local community. I have high quality products for very affordable prices, so I think I should get a large draw. But on my door and register the day I open it will say, “WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS, AND WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FORM OF PAYMENT FROM JPMORGAN CHASE BANK. And when the PEOPLE ask me why I don’t accept CHASE payments? I will gladly explain your abuses of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. So this is the way I will rise-up against CHASE BANK, and this is how my community, in a matter of a few weeks, will no all about your abuses of, WE THE PEOPLE. This is what I plan to do. I encourage everyone that has a business to do the same, or encourage their employer to not accept JPMORGAN CHASE PAYMENTS. What’s your plan?)

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