Matt Taibbi’s ‘Corporate Evil Guy Power Rankings’ Calls Out Bank CEOs

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Imagine you were tasked with assembling an elite team of CEOs to play in an all-star game of corporate corruption. Thankfully, Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi has already scouted the perfect lineup.

Taibbi, who has dedicated much of his career to uncovering the seedy underbelly of Wall Street, appeared on sports writer Bill Simmon’s podcast “The B.S. Report” Wednesday. When asked by the host to dream up his “corporate evil guy power rankings,” Taibbi didn’t hesitate to mention three CEOs from the finance world, each of whom he’s written a thing or two about in the past.

First up, there’s JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

“He’s up there,” Taibbi said, adding that Dimon may be the best at “rolling his eyes and sneering… like he just can’t believe he has to waste his time explaining himself to the United States Senate.” In the past, Taibbi called the prospect of the CEO becomingTreasury Secretary “revolution-provoking.”

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