Independent Foreclosure Review – I Was Wrong, There Is No Justice!

Many sites like mine are calling for a class-action on this farce of a foreclosure review, and so am I. If you are interested in joining a class-action please leave your information in the comments section. We can only defeat this enemy if we come together, they all know who we are, but we are not suppose to know each other. Please for yourself, and your fellowman tell your story. Thank you.

I received my check today for the 3 ½ years of abuse and the theft of thousands of dollars added to my home loan by JPMorgan Chase Bank and its servicer Chase Home Finance, in the amount of $500. Thank you so much regulators.

The (front of the letter) and the (back of the letter) that I received on April 15, 2013.

I’m sure my IFR experience is similar to many of you. I fell under three categories of the IFR Payment Agreement Details that the Fed put out, I had multiple illegal instances under two categories, but if they just paid me for one instance of illegal action under the three categories, I should have received $62,000 based on their numbers, but I got $500, and I don’t fall under any of the $500 categories. Senator Elizabeth Warren said that families were going to get pennies on the dollar. I didn’t even get 1 penny on the dollar!

After the regulators spent $10,000 to $20,000 to consultants to just look at 100,000 family document review requests, most of us received, or will receive $300 – $800. And after all that expense for such a professional and thorough review of my family’s file, the Federal Banking Regulators explanation to me of what happened to my family, and what criminal actions Chase Bank had done to my family, are as follows:

Regulators determined your payment amount based on the stage of your foreclosure process and other considerations related to your foreclosure.

That’s It! No Category! No Nothing!

Then the Regulators try to cover themselves in this letter with the following statement on the back of the letter:

This payment does not mean that you necessarily suffered financial injury or harm.

Really? Your just giving me a little money for the hell of it?

I sit in amazement as I write this. There was absolutely no “Independence” to this Independent Foreclosure Review, and we all must come together to fight all these enemies. And all this process proves is that the government protects the banks and not the people.

Let’s say I was to go and rob a Chase Bank branch, just one day, not the 3 ½ years I was robbed, it would be quick and painless. I would do it just once for $62,000, not repeatedly to hundreds of thousands of Chase Bank branches, like the big banks did to hundreds of thousands of families. And I don’t use a weapon, just like the bank. Will I have the same rights as the bank, and get to determine my own criminal fate for my actions? So, I just need to go to court and say, “Your honor, I think a fair verdict for my crime is $500.” The courts will agree, I’ll pay my fine, and be on my Mary Way to rob again!

The point I’m trying to make is, all this IFR does is show the Big Banks that they will get a slap on the wrist from the government for every family they rob and steal from! It’s a green light for Big Banks to continue the plunder of the American people. This is above and beyond abuse, and all 4 million of us deserve better treatment than this.

It is like all 4 million of are families are in some kind of sick game, like we were picked out of a lottery to be test subjects for banking and government abuse. Well, I’ve reached my limit! Have you! Please tell your story!

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