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J.P. Morgan Chase’s chief executive may be in the hot seat right now, but he was the guest of honor at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Thursday night.

“I really don’t deserve a medal,” said Jamie Dimon. “But I deeply appreciate it.”

Mr. Dimon was honored at the museum’s 21st annual “Salute to Freedom” dinner. His award goes to “outstanding business leaders who give back to others, especially in the military community,” according to Tom Higgins, a trustee at the Intrepid. Also honored were former Rep.Gabrielle Giffords and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who received his award via video message.

Recently, Mr. Dimon has come under fire for his firm’s reported loss of at least $2 billion, spurred by a trading strategy that Mr. Dimon later described as “flawed and poorly executed,” according to press reports. The incident is reportedly being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

But on Thursday, Mr. Dimon received a standing ovation when he was called to the stage for helping in the effort to hire military veterans and aiding in establishing the Chase Military Program.

In his remarks, Mr. Dimon noted that three-quarters of 1% of the total U.S. population is in the military. “As one of the other 99.25 percenters—my first time on that side—my message is simple and heartfelt: Thank you,” he said.

Mr. Dimon said he attended with his three daughters, “one-son-in-law, two boyfriends” and his wife, whose father was in the military.

“On a more personal note,” he continued, “I know that in a difficult situation, you find out what people are made of—who runs for help, who runs away, who takes responsibility, who points fingers, who scapegoats, who you can trust and who only cares about themselves. To all the active military members and veterans in the room—I’d go into the foxhole with any of you, and I hope I wouldn’t let you down.”

Later that night, in her remarks, Ms. Giffords said she tells her husband, before he leaves the house every day, “Fight, fight, fight!”

In the crowd were uniformed sailors visiting New York for Fleet Week. “It’s an honor for us to come to New York,” said Capt. Sarah Joiner, over a steak dinner. She added that she “couldn’t have asked for better honorees.”

Back from London, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was in attendance, too. “Please run” for mayor, one guest urged him, after the ceremony.

Mr. Kelly said J.P. Morgan’s work with servicemen has “a real tangible benefit.”

Asked if he’s friends with Mr. Dimon, Mr. Kelly said, “I know him, yes! I’m going over there to see and talk to him right now. OK? Thank you.”

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Then After Abusing These Military Families, You, Mr. Dimon, Have The Nerve Too Say You Would Climb Into A Foxhole With Them? And Then Making A Joke About Being Apart Of Some Form Of A 99% Group By Not Being In The Military. Best Of Luck With These Kind Of Remarks At Your June 7th Hearing To Congress.”)

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