Multi-District Litigation against JPMorgan Chase Bank Regarding The HAMP Program

Imagine That, One Of My Few And Far Between Personal Blogs, Instead Of Just A News Feed. BUT FOLKS THIS IS IMPORTANT!

All State Cases Against JPMorgan Chase Bank With Regards To The HAMP Program Have Been Consolidated And Were Transferred To Federal Court In Boston, Massachusetts On October 12, 2011. States That Are Currently Listed With Plantiffs Are: California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia & Washington.

You can find this case HERE

I contacted the lead council on this MDL Case# 2290, Mr. Gary Klein in Massachusetts, and left a message to contact me and let me know if others can join as named plantiffs, and I also sent an email of the same. Mr. Klein’s phone and email – 617-357-5500 at Ext. 15, and

I urge anyone in the above mentioned States to contact Mr. Klein if they are interested in being named as a plantiff. I am also trying to find out if other States can join, because I am in North Carolina. As soon as I get more information I will post it.

Other Important Links:

You can find a list of pending MDL’s HERE

You can find a list of current MDL’s in the District of Massachusetts HERE

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