Article in Barron’s, “Profiles Of The World’s Best CEO’s”

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Write up in article on Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan Chase, CEO since 2006

Why: Seeing the big picture, nailing the details.

For all his worldly travels as JPMorgan Chase’s head of state, nothing quite compares to the bus ride Dimon took last year down the West Coast of America. It was from Washington state to San Diego, territory annexed by JPMorgan with its absorption of the faltering Washington Mutual in 2008. Clad in a Chase polo shirt, he grilled some 5,000 employees along the route on how he could better support them. He then dispatched senior bankers to make fixes, from eliminating rules requiring internal faxes to establishing Mandarin-language call centers.

That kind of attention to detail has helped make Dimon the most respected banker of his generation. JPMorgan was among the first to repay bailout funds and this month was allowed to go ahead with a big dividend increase and stock buyback. The next stop on the bus could be Fat City.

– Michael Santoli

CHASEHOMEFINANCESUX RESPONSE: Jamie Dimon Took A Bus Trip, Eliminated Internal Faxes, & Established Mandarin-Language Call Centers. WHAT A TITAN OF BUSINESS! GIVE ME A BREAK! It’s Amazing What Destroying The Country And Its Economy Will Get You. Instead Of A Prison Term, You Get Paid Millions!


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