JPMorgan Chase Accused of Fraud in Bankruptcy Filings

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Newport Beach, CA: A consumer fraud class action filed against JPMorgan Chase alleges the bank routinely fabricated documents to deceive bankruptcy judges.

The lawsuit, filed by Ernest Michael Bakenie, states “Through the use of fabricated assignments, endorsements and affidavits that purport to transfer deeds of trust, notes and the rights to all monies due under the terms of tens of thousands of non-negotiable promissory notes (the ‘MLNs’); Chase has demonstrated a pattern and practice of playing ‘hide-and-seek’ with debtors, judges and other bankruptcy players.”

Bakenie further claims that Chase’s “pattern and practice of playing ‘hide-and-seek’ with debtors, judges and other bankruptcy players” resulted in the bank securing motions for relief of stay and proofs of claim in 95 percent of its cases. According to the lawsuit, an extensive network of attorneys working for Chase filed more than 7,000 motions for relief from automatic stay in bankruptcy cases in the Central District of California, “wherein they falsely claim to be the party entitled to monies due under the terms of MLNs.” The lawsuit also claims that Chase rewards attorneys based on how quickly they can secure the stays, and uses fabricated documents to establish chain of title on loans.

Essentially, the lawsuit claims, “Rather than incur the cost of ‘proving up’ its own standing or the standing of its principal Mortgage Backed Security Trust, Chase systemically misrepresents Chase or a designated MBST to be a creditor in tens of thousands of bankruptcy cases by utilizing manufactured documents. “

The lawsuit also claims “That said practice allows Chase to dump defaulted loans that were never properly securitized by Washington Mutual (WAMU) and other originators acquired by Chase into private mortgage backed security trusts by creating the illusion of a valid transfer. Said practice shifts the liability of defaulted loans not properly securitized by WAMU, from Chase to private mortgage backed security trusts. The practice allows Chase to effectively mitigate the millions of dollars in liability of the WAMU acquisition, where WAMU failed to transfer MLNs of its portfolio before its demise. Said practice shifts losses from WAMU to MBST bond investors.”

Bakenie seeks class certification, compensatory, statutory and punitive damages for unfair and deceptive trade, disgorgement and “an order vacating all bankruptcy orders, claims and awards granted based on Chase’s misrepresentation and deceptive business practices”.

(If you, or someone you know has suffered from Chase’s deceptive practices and criminal actions, go to the website above to send your complaint to a lawyer for review.)

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