JPMorgan Chase Stock at a 2 year & 5 month low!

Congratulations JPMorgan Chase! Your Big Bank with the help of your inapt servicing branch, Chase Home Finance, LLC, have been able to do all the wrong things to achieve the lowest stock price since April 8, 2009, and the lawsuits keep coming! Maybe you shouldn’t have robbed the homeowner, the investor and the taxpayer with predatory loans, bogus modifications, and mortgage backed securities, backed by poor loans for Big Bank profit, then you might not be in this mess.

But oh well, all the Big Bank Execs were just after immediate gratification in monetary gains by any means over the last several years without regard to the impact on the economy . . . welcome to the results of that criminals!

JPM stock closed today at 30.34 and is still going down in the after hours!

UPDATE 09/22/11: Wow, did it ever keep plummeting already below 29 at 28.91 this morning!

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