JPMorgan Runs American Families Out of their Homes w/ Foreclosure, but Buys Cook Stoves for Africa

Glenn Beck vs Clinton Global Socialist Carbon Exchange fraud stoves for Africa

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JPMorgan Chase Subsidizes Stoves in Africa to Earn Carbon Credits

It’s a known fact that investments in renewables such as wind, solar, hydro power or reforestation projects are widely used forms of carbon offsets. But who knew that investing in cook-stoves could earn carbon credits? JPMorgan Chase did.

The investment bank is currently involved in a project that subsidizes energy-efficient stoves in Uganda. Not only do the stoves work with lower amounts of fuel, bring about a reduction in the pollutants that have an adverse effect on the lungs, but also each stove reduces carbon emissions by 2 or 3 tons per year as compared to regular ones. The idea to use these stoves for earning carbon credits was developed by the offset provider – Climate Care, that was purchased by JPMorgan last year.

The venture is expected to rake in huge amounts of revenues and JPMorgan has plans of expanding the cook-stove project to cover Kenya, Ghana, Cambodia along with other regions. The credits earned by the bank are being sold to retailers such as Land Rover UK and Aviva Insurance.

Comment left at the Carbon Offset Daily site on the above article by – TradingChief

The stoves are estimated to reduce emissions by two to three tons a year; each ton gives a carbon credit of $10 or $15 a year for JPM

The stoves cost about $10 a piece and for an expense of $100million if JPMorgan can distribute 10 million stoves. That will generate up to $450 million “a year”! for JPM Morgan for LIFE!!. They are in this for the money. The Sub-prime scam is done, any semi functional scam running, died with the financial collapse. The next scam on the world is “Carbon credits”. A Carbon Credit created is an offset for resent/future pollution. DUKE Energy will produce power from coal. They will be crucified for that (good for planet) DUKE will then pass the cost on crucifying the consumer (Joe)

Every square inch of planet earth is being bought on the cheap to then sell to business, over and over and over again. The only person that pays, is the guy that is just barely holding onto his home.

Carbon Credits will go down in history as the biggest tax and bankers scam
of this decade.

Their is no regualtion, any one can lock in land by doing a deal with the owner and lock in his credit for years. The seller will think he will be getting a good deal. But once the Credits start trading, these guys with their floors of traders and fast trading systems will lauch the credit value to the stratosphere.

Environmentalists never thought this one out, If they did, they blew it.
This will cost everyone except the polluters and we will all be subject to the “Market Trading Appreciation” of the Credit. A forest burns down, then the credit is sought elsewhere, whats your offer? get in the lineup.

I have no doubt that Chase is just in it for the money. If Chase cared anything about the environment they wouldn’t request the same paperwork over and over from homeowners during loan modifications delaying the process, using up trees with multiple copies and multiple mailings that doesn’t just cost the environment but ultimately costs homeowners more horrible interest and increased late payments on their loans. So, Cook Stoves for Africa is another way for Chase to steal tax payers money!


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