Miranda Almonte a Fifteen Year Old that DOES Understand More About The Economy Than Most Big Bank CEOs

The following article is brought to you by Miranda Almonte, who asks her fellowman to help their fellowman; in a comment to one of my posts. So I immediately updated this comment to a post. Well done Miranda!

Miranda Almonte writes:

An article you wrote about Chase hit my Google Alerts so I thought I would write you. The article you posted about my mom and the “Whistleblower Triumph” that was in the WSJ and Forbes leaves out they only dismissed the internal accounts to protect themselves. How about the billions they sold those people are still screwed are their wages garnished? bank accounts cleaned out? liens on their property?

OK I am fifteen years old and apparently I understand the economy better than some CEO’s so let’s go. This article ran about everything “Jamie Dimon Didn’t Know”. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rj-eskow/jamie-didnt-know-the-trag_b_885075.html BTW my mom is the JP Morgan Chase Whistleblower mentioned and was unable to comment to the articles in the WSJ or Forbes mentioning her a couple of weeks ago. That “surprise” article in the Wall Street Jounal a couple of weeks ago I am really trying to figure out how Jamie Dimon didn’t know. http://blogs.forbes.com/insidearm/2011/06/24/a-whistleblower-triumph-jpmorgan-chase-drops-pursuit-of-45-9bb-yes-billion-in-credit-card-debt/ Was it he missed her reporting it to Chase Executives? Pulling the sale from the market? Taking it to Senior Chase Attorney’s in NY? Or how about when she was fired for refusing to commit fraud to make the numbers. So let’s look at the other hints he had. How about when she filed a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase for wrongful termination and it was in the San Antonio newspaper and all of the “Bankers” websites? Hmmm no how about when they filed a motion to dismiss after a NY Judge threw out hundreds of accounts citing the same things my mom had reported, (Basic Google search), OK let’s keep going did he not know when the NY Times was in my house and asked JP Morgan Chase for comments and it ran in the NY Times http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/01/business/01debt.html?pagewanted=all and was picked up by hundreds of other papers. I used to live near NY and it seems like the front page the of New York Times might have caught his eye since I believe his office is in NY. Now did Jamie Dimon not know when 60 minutes was filming in my house my mother and my family or how about when specators watched my mom and Scott Pelley being filmed on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. (Don’t know when or if it will air got bumped). Let’s keep going how about when she then filed an SEC Whistleblower Complaint that ended up all over the internet (Didn’t he say he didn’t like the SEC Whistlower program? (BTW not in existance when this all occured she has a claim in now but who knows if it will go anywhere) How about the guy in Ohio that built a website tracking this story in detail and Chase had attorney’s contact him telling him to take it down https://www.legalmorass.info/Almonte/ So what needs to happen for Jamie Dimon to know. Well I wrote this poem as a homework assignment but I think it fits. My mom and her attorney’s also made sure that I am not included in any protective or gag orders and I can assure you everything you have read is only a small part of the story. She has also spoken to and provided evidence to multiple state and federal agencies and attorney’s all who have yet to hold anyone accountable in the banks or help one consumer. We lost everything for her to do the right thing it is time for someone else to step up.

“Chasing” What

Written by – Miranda Almonte

People or numbers?
Numbers or people?
Use your brain
This is America
Not some game
So just quit playing
Playing what?
Playing with lives to make your big bucks.
As a matter of fact
Take my friends
And take my home
Just give me more reason for my name to be known
Take our checks
And our respect
Some from you has yet to be shown.
Take my grades
And take my fun
We’ll see who’s “making numbers” once all of this is done.
Everyone’s stressed
Causing fights
Got me thinking day and night
Don’t be shy!
Fight some more!
We’ll make it through another door
Because you built me up
Then tore me down
And took me out of my favorite town.
Think you’re getting to me?
That’s a joke.
While you’re making me stronger,
You can’t even provide a quote
Quote for who?
Quote for everyone
Everyone you’ve lied to, and taken everything from.
We won’t stop
And we won’t quit
And we sure as hell won’t just take this.
I cheat on a test
I get in trouble.
You cheat your own people
And your pay goes double?
You think it’s okay?
Well I think its bull
Because stomachs were once full
And now they’re hungry.
People once smiling
Now are stumbling.
Foreclosing on homes
Destroying lives
Taking what they need to just survive.
You know what you’re doing
And you know it’s not right
But, I mean as long as they’re paying you a decent price?
Is the money worth it?
Worth the pain?
The pain of those who shelter is now rain?Those nice big checks must be nice
But, does it ever cross your mind that you should think
Twice about lying? Signing? Designing?Designing what?
Your short cuts.
Short cuts to make the cutI guess your new money does you a lot of good;
The clothes.
The shoes.
Cute sweaters with hoods.
But you know what’s cuter?
Orange what?
The orange jumpsuit that’ll be on your butt.
What’s wrong?
Don’t like it?
Awww too bad!
‘Cause that’s where you’re headed
Kind of sad?
Sad that ruining people’s lives
Was better than the price you’d pay on the other side.

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