Stop Paying the Servicer, Chase Home Finance If You Want To Save Your Money And/Or Your Family’s Home.

The California division of Chase Home Finance, one of the home loan servicers for JPMorgan Chase Bank, has one of the worst BBB ratings, but the government continues to do nothing to correct the robbery of thousands of homeowners by Jamie Dimon’s Bank. Chase Home Finance and JPMorgan Chase will do nothing to make right the predatory loans that they have created with thousands of families, and the only way for families to avoid more expense, is to stop paying this criminal servicing branch of JPMorgan Chase.

It was only when I stopped believing the lies that Chase Home Finance kept telling me, and stopped making payments, that I truly got help on my illegal predatory loan. This servicer will tell you whatever to string you along and add more and more illegally obtained interest on your loan, with an ultimate goal to foreclose on your home and collect the insurance. It was only when I stopped paying the servicer, and Chase Bank started threatening foreclosure, that my family got any help.

The first foreclosure that Chase attempted was an illegal robo-signed foreclosure. Then they came back with new foreclosure paperwork two month later. The bank postponed the foreclosure three times over a 5-month period, but ultimately with negotiations between my lawyer and Chase Bank’s lawyers, my family finally received some form of justice with a new loan and a better rate. I’ve attached the loan modification paperwork that breaks down my new loan interest rate. (CLICK HERE).

I also received a letter from Chase Home Finance asking my family to pay the full escrow balance for their servicing of my loan in the amount of $406.57. This money owed to Chase Home Finance is for holding my families loan ransom over the last 3-years. This amount is escrowed in my new payment in the amount of $6.78 a month over the next 5-years. I guess the servicer, Chase Home Finance hopes to get this money up front, because Chase Bank is looking to do away with their Chase Home Finance servicing branches, because of all the bad publicity and illegal actions by these servicers. So, I guess they are trying to get whatever they can, before their servicing branches are no more.

Well Chase Home Finance if you think I’m going to pay your company in full for robbing my family, you’ve got another think coming! Please enjoy the $6.78 a month until my particular branch of Chase Home Finance in California is done away with!

How long is the government going to allow these criminal big banks to abuse their fellowman!?

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