The OCC, so far, has not shown themselves to be the Consumer Assistance Group they claim to be, but more of a Bank Assistance Group.

I’ve attached a document I received from the OCC in regards to my illegal treatment by Chase Bank and its servicer, Chase Home Finance. There is also a link at the end fo this article for anyone interested in the appeal process with the OCC.

The following is an email I sent to my lawyer -

Dear (My Lawyer),

The first of this week I received the following letter from the OCC that I have attached. My initial complaint with the OCC was on January 2, 2010 and my case # is XXXXXXXX. The OCC acknowledged receipt on April 30, 2010 of my initial packet. I sent a packet updating the information on August 23, 2010. In the letter I’ve attached the OCC recognizes my complaint and the parties involved, but concludes that I was approved for a permanent modification May 24, 2010. This is the same bogus modification that the bank offered me, after I was illegally refused for the HAMP modification, that I did not request. This so-called modification raised my principal balance with their illegal actions including a robo-signed foreclosure, and locked in the horrible interest rate making my payment almost $100 more! I guess you can consider this a “modification”, but it definitely hurts my family instead of helps my family. This was all fully explained in the packets and the information that I had already sent to the OCC. It’s amazing that the OCC has the nerve to send me a letter dated March 31, 2011 stating that I have been approved for a modification and that my payments begin on June 1, 2010. This would be laughable if it wasn’t destroying my family. The OCC calls themselves a Consumer Assistance Group, but so far they have shown themselves to be a Bank Assistance Group.

This is the OCC’s first response, and I have 2-tiers of appeals CAG Management appeal and then OCC Ombudsman appeal. I will be appealing this with the first tier CAG Management appeal, defining why this is not help to families, but abuse. And explain how I was illegally treated with the HAMP modification, and how I didn’t even request this in-house bogus modification from Chase. But now I understand why I received it, so the OCC would have something to claim, in regards to Chase Bank making an effort. It is just getting absurd how the banks and the government continue to just abuse families and not do what is right here. When I get the appeal completed I will send it to you to look over before I send it to the OCC. Thanks again for all your help.

Page 1 – Response from the OCC

Page 2 – Response from the OCC

Click on the following to – File an Appeal with the OCC .

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