Contact Your Attorney General Today! About The Homeowner Crisis In America!

Good Morning Everyone! Today is the Big Day!

I urge everyone today, March 29th to contact their State’s Attorney General and let them know that Crime Shouldn’t Pay!

Link to a List of Phone Numbers for all 50 Attorney Generals.

Contact your Attorney General’s Office & Tell Them,
“I want justice & millions of homeowner’s across this country want justice for the abuse done by the Big Banks. It’s time for the Attorney General to truly make a stand, and stand with the people & not the Big Banks. Families have been getting the run around for far too long with no help, if any, by the government. People’s trust was abused through predatory loans by the Big Banks. The HAMP program & other programs targeted to help families were abused by the Big Banks. Big Banks used parallel foreclosure, (simultaneously working with families on a loan modification and at the same time proceeding with foreclosure paperwork), to confuse homeowners. The Big Banks used robosigners to illegally circumvent court fees & initiate foreclosure paperwork without fully looking over the paperwork, or not even having the note that secured the mortgage, basically rubber stamping foreclosures. These are just a few of the abuses that have been done to my family, so I can just imagine how far spreading the abuse is by these Big Banks.”

“Please let the penalty, fit the crime that these Big Banks have perpetrated on the American people. The only thing the Big Banks understand is when you hit their wallet, make sure that there are substantial monetary sanctions in your proposal. And truly help the homeowner in ways that the Big Banks can’t abuse, and help those families that have already lost their homes to these numerous illegal actions by the Big Banks, get their home’s back, or at least some form of justice. Thousands, if not millions of homeowners can not get the years of abuse by the Big Banks back, so please make sure that the 50 State’s Attorney Generals side with the people and not the Big Banks, and create real sanctions, that help the American people. Let’s not continue the lose of civility in America, lets work to be a strong America that helps its fellowman not destroy them, and truly show that this country is a land governed by LAWS, not a FEW MEN. Please show me that America is still America, & stop this abuse by the Big Banks.”

. . .Or Something To That Nature.

I received the following email from PICO yesterday morning:

Tomorrow, on March 29, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to save millions from losing their homes and hold accountable the big banks that caused this crisis.

Right now, the 50 state Attorneys General are in critical negotiations with the big banks. The outcome of these negotiations could mean the difference between millions of struggling homeowners finally getting the help they need from their lenders, or the big banks continuing with business as usual, foreclosing on families needlessly.
Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, and other big banks could easily walk away scott-free, if thousands of us don’t call our Attorneys General tomorrow.

Read 5 reasons to call your Attorney General tomorrow.

The time is now to collectively fight back. We can work together to demand that the big banks are held accountable for their crimes.

Your Attorney General needs to make a choice – either side with YOU and be a hero to homeowners and communities by going toe-to-toe with the big banks, OR side with the big banks and let them continue to devastate our communities.

It’s time to demand that our Attorneys General deliver nothing less than a strong settlement against the big banks. Get ready to make the call!

Thanks for all that you do,

PICO National Network
Alliance for a Just Society
National People’s Action
IAF Southeast
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

Now If None Of This Has Made You Decide To Call Your Attorney General’s Office, Then Scroll Down To My Article, “Feelin’ Mad As Hell? Ready To Shout ‘I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!?”

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