Jamie Dimon Gets Celebrity Welcome

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Never mind that the visit is less than 24 hours. The fact that J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Jamie Dimon is here in quake-hit Japan is enough of a reassurance, at least for the bank’s employees and clients.

Mr. Dimon’s arrival in Tokyo late Wednesday comes on the back of an exodus of some foreign residents from the country, which has been battling to contain a quake and tsunami-induced nuclear crisis. He leaves Thursday afternoon, wrapping up a previously scheduled Asian tour.

After his arrival, the CEO offered a silent prayer for the victims of the March 11 earthquakes in front of a large group of employees who had gathered to hear his speech.

He then said the world holds appreciation and respect for Japan and anticipates a speedy recovery. He further expressed his gratitude to his employees for working hard through an extremely difficult period to keep the bank’s operations going, according to two people who heard the speech.

Mr. Dimon’s message was short and crisp, but enough to move the people who had attended.

“As part of the staff based in Japan, I was really encouraged by his visit,” a person at the bank said. “While many foreign staff at brokerages are leaving Japan, I think it will be huge sign of commitment for our clients too,” he added.

According to the person, snaking lines formed around the smiling CEO as people waited to get a photo with Mr. Dimon, who became a legend for steering the bank through the global financial crisis. The photo session went on for about two hours in the evening.

“It was almost like he was a Japanese pop idol,” the person said. Mr. Dimon also appeared on the trading floors to mingle with his staff earlier this morning.

Executives at other major foreign banks have also flown in to show support for their local staff. Last week, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. brought four members of its global management committee to the Tokyo office, while Ivan Ritossa, an executive committee member of Barclays PLC’s Barclays Capital based in Singapore, came to Japan with five other senior managers.

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I knew they were going to claim Jamie to be a ‘rockstar’. I love the opening line, “Never mind that the visit is less than 24 hours.” How less was it? From similar reports I’m hearing that Mr. Dimon was in Japan for a few hours. WAY TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

I’m interested to know who this “A Person” that worked for the bank, that talked so highly of Mr. Dimon and his visit. I would think The Wall Street Journal would be more specific about who they were getting important quotes from. Especially, when it regards people that were speaking for the entire Chase Bank staff in Japan.

Maybe the visit did help reassure some employees, I hope it did, anything positive for the people dealing with the catastrophe in Japan, is good. But, Mr. Jamie Dimon, when you get back in the States, how about reassuring the American Homeowner’s that your bank is going to stop stealing from them, and start doing what is right with regards to the abuse of home loans and modifications. Show that YOU are going to stop the abuse. Be a true LEGEND! You do have time to do what is right here with home loans and modifications. Stop throwing families illegally out of their homes and/or stealing their money. Start helping your fellowman, and quit abusing your fellowman!

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