Christmas Eve, I Received a Foreclosure Notice From Chase

The following article is brought to you by Moe Bedard at from a homeowner who is working on a modification with Chase Home Finance.

What a nightmare! I am with Chase Home Finance. I am a single mom and self employed, and the recession has cost me about $60,000 in lost income over the last two years. Thankfully it has turned around a bit for me, but I’m afraid it’s come too late.

I applied for HAMP in August, and have been making my Trial Period payments. I heard from Chase on Dec 2, requesting additional documents (bank statements and P&L statements) for the months of Oct and Nov since the approval process was taking longer than anticipated, and I faxed over these documents on Dec 3. I have not otherwise received any phone calls from them.

Today (Christmas Eve, got to love it), I received a Foreclosure Notice from Chase that states their intent to foreclose on my property on or around Feb 21. Their offices are closed today for the holiday, and I have promptly faxed a response to them. It was my understanding that foreclosure proceedings cannot continue while being considered for HAMP. And if you don’t qualify for HAMP, you need to be offered alternatives before they can continue again with foreclosure.

I have a pit in my stomach right now. I have to wait the weekend to talk to a live person. I wish I had just bit the bullet and paid the full monthly payments over the Trial Period, because I’m just that much more behind now in payments and if there’s no other solution, I won’t be able to financially avoid foreclosure.


Christmas Eve Foreclosure Notice!? What vial, disgusting, beings work for Chase Home Finance? They’re definitely not human, because a human being wouldn’t treat people like this company is treating thousands of us across this country. If you don’t already have one, GET AN ATTORNEY!!!!, if you want any hope of saving your home or money. How long is this company going to be allowed to treat homeowners so poorly!?

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